Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautifying the Inside

Construction is moving along.  As you can see from this month's photos, the glass wall on the front of the building is almost complete.  I am longing to see the finished product - just clean glass with no trucks, no temporary exteriors.  It is going to be incredibly beautiful, from inside and outside.  

Inside the building, the mechanicals, electric and plumbing systems are mostly complete, and work is starting on some of the finishes.  Some of the cabinetry has been installed in the reference area.  The golden finish on the wood matches the existing wood finishes in the old building. 

Paint on the walls makes a huge difference.  Some of the space is much brighter wearing its new colors.  Rich reds and blues in the children's and young adult space increase their appeal.  

I'm looking forward to seeing what next month brings - until then, stay warm! 

 I can't wait to see this wall finished - it is going to be gorgeous!
New cabinetry in the reference area (2nd floor).

The view from the mezzanine.  
Color on the walls gives us a sense of the finished space. 

The children's craft space (3rd floor).
Bathrooms on each level! Wahoo!

Young Adult area - this will be glassed. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Blink and You'll Miss It!

Construction is zooming along.  Each month when I document the progress of the Boyden Library project, I think "Now, this is really exciting!"  And it never gets old - it never stops being exciting.  Watching the old building change and the addition take shape, I am thrilled with what our community has created for itself.

The  new glass wall gives passers-by a look inside the library, and it won't be long before we'll see it bustling with activity.  The interior spaces have brightened considerably as they have been framed.  Carpeting, furniture and finishes will create a warm and welcoming space for the whole community.  Hardscaping features, such as new sidewalks, hint at the beautiful landscaping to come.

Watch for details on our "Grand Re-Opening" this spring!
Installation of the glass curtain wall is well underway.  The field stone plinth is almost complete. 
Imagine this sunny spot with a couple of cozy armchairs.  Perfect!

Inside, things have brightened considerably

Walkway to the entrance.

Walkways are laid out and will soon be poured. 

Parking space below the library.  

Monday, November 12, 2012


     This past Saturday, Library Trustees and Beyond Books Capital Campaign Committee members were treated to a tour of construction progress, and all I can say is "Wow!"  Seeing the building up close gave us a tremendous sense of the exciting library we are supporting.

     Technically speaking, the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are just about done.  Right now, the building is being closed up with temporary plastic enclosures.  Once the building is enclosed and the heat turned on, the walls will get closed in with drywall.  Installation of curtain-wall and windows is also underway, showcasing some of the final materials we'll use in the building.

    But the real story is in the pictures!  Let's get to them:

Director Jerry Cirillo is a man of many talents - today he was an excellent tour guide.

This is the main entrance on the ground floor.  All library traffic will move in and out this door.  The circulation desk will be here, as well as book returns, and self-check out kiosks.  

The ground floor includes a large meeting room, and a smaller conference room, as well as a Circulation Work Room.  Meeting rooms are equipped with up-to-date electronic infrastructure.

The small conference room on the ground floor.

This gorgeous first-floor space is the Adult Reading Room. 

Another view of the Adult Reading Room.

The original concrete construction made installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing work a challenge.    Architects routed many of those systems through the former elevator shaft.  

The staircase on the front of the building will be enclosed with glass.  This link between interior and exterior spaces will highlight library activities, and invite the public to stop in for a visit.  

The Young Adult reading space will be enclosed with glass, providing direct sight lines from the circulation desk.   This space will be heated by an energy efficient radiant heating system. 

These two shots of the Children's Library highlight the light, open and airy nature of the design.  The "tree house" effect is absolutely wonderful.  This is a space that will be enjoyed by many families for years to come.  

The Children's Story and Craft Room will include easy-to-clean materials that allow youngsters to fully express their creativity without worrying about difficult clean up.  

Did you sign the beam?  It is still visible (for now) in the Children's Library.  

From the mezzanine, the old and new spaces can be seen together.  

Fieldstone was a late addition to the design, and it looks wonderful!

Are you interested in donating or naming a space in the new Boyden Library?  Please contact us at, or call 774-300-9045.
Your support will take the Boyden BEYOND BOOKS!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking Form

 Welcome Back!

The form of the new and improved Boyden Library is taking clear shape.  Major structural and design elements are now in place, and the silhouette of the building clearly defines its final form.  Construction crews are working hard to get things sealed up before winter, and the nice weather will make that job much easier.    Enjoy the pictures!
The view from Bird Street, which was featured in Boyden Library design presentations.

This is the view from Baker Street.  Parking will be on the ground floor, under the second and third floors.

Renovation on existing space is ongoing.  

This is brand new space in the addition.

The staircase, a major design feature, is taking shape.

The suspended walkway to the new Children's Library.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Major Movement!

The new entrance on Baker Street.

Construction has moved along in a major way while the Boyden Blog has been on summer vacation.  As you can see below, the facade of our addition is taking shape, and looking a lot like the final construction drawings.  The internal structure of the building is also becoming clearer, with walls and internal spaces being delineated.  The bottom photos show one of the most exciting features of the building - the external walkway to the Children's Library.  Construction is on time, on budget, and looking fabulous!

The "skywalk" to the Children's Library.